Are bengal cats hypoallergenic?

First of all, no breeder should claim that Bengals are entirely hypoallergenic. That said, a large number of people who have already experienced allergies to cats, may develop none or very little with Bengals. We recommend if this is your case, to visit our cattery first. You will have the opportunity to hold the kittens and also, to meet the mother and father.

The coat of the Bengal kitten is “fuzzy” and therefore will change gradually to reach his adult hair. It is easier for an allergic person to allow his system to adapt on a long-term with a kitten. The kitten will develop over time his coat and the owner will also develop a certain “habit”. You could have some very slight reactions the first days but the situation should get better and better every week. We will not allow the allergic persons to visit the cat’s playroom since it would be a shock to their immune system and we would not be able to judge correctly on the long-term potential allergic reactions.

In addition, a recent study conducted by the UC Davis laboratories in the United States reported that the brown Bengal is the least allergenic of all Bengals. We, therefore, recommend that people with allergies prioritize this coloration to minimize the risk of reactions.

Our son is very allergic to cats in general and although we own a large number of Bengal, he has no allergic reaction. We started with a kitten, then two and finally a few months later, add more adults. Our son is now part of our team of kittens socialization and everything goes very well, without reactions! It’s important to know that if a person has seasonal allergies, he might during that short period of time, notice a little more reaction to the Bengal. It usually stops at the same time as the seasonal allergies.

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