♕Savannah Queen

Welcome to our Savannah Queen page. All our girls have different temper, color and pattern and they were chosen not only for their beauty or standard but also for their sociable and loving personality.

Captain Marvel of DragonflySV

Little fancy! We are deeply in love with her but sometimes it is intense. This girl loves from the bottom of her heart or not at all, all black or white, no gray in between…. Her silver color could be a mixture of her intensity! No pun intended!

Color: Black Silver Spotted Tabby

Rockymtnexotics Mahindra

Calm and gentle, this is what describe her best  for this blue eye beauty. She is a purring machine and a love bug!

Color: Seal Lynx tabby point

JimmyChoo Of DragonflySV

She is an incredible mom but also a very low profile cat, not shy at all but very calm and lazy.

Color: Brown black spotted tabby

Wady Arkham of Dragonflysv

Our little Cinnamon addition! Very playful and cute in her behaviors she is lady like a lot but when it comes to play, she is a killer monster jumping and flipping. She is incredible to watch in action with her reddish amber eyes. Very unique

Color: Cinnamon

Loveourspots Babyboolinger

Little queen! She is our little bitch and she knows what she wants. She is very strong-minded and has a dominant temperament, but not at all nasty. She has one of the funniest personalities here at dragonfly savannah and will entertain you for hours 🙂

Color: Brown black spotted Tabby

Exotikcats Black Canary Saviano


A cloud of smoke to blind you with her love and purrs. She is an intense purring loving machine and only wants to cuddle. My sweetest little bird

Color: Silver melanistic


Loveourspots Bo-Peep


This little porcelain shepherdness is very classy and lady-like, but don’t get on her bad side, she stands her ground and even with the biggest ones!

Color: Brown black spotted Tabby


Loveourspots Salem

Little black witch! With a purring potion and a love enchantement this little Haloween girl cast a spell on us and got us totally bewitched by her features!

Color:Black ( Melanistic)

AlbertaSv Dylan

Miss Tornado! She is delicate, feminine feline, sneaky and a purring machine! We can’t wait to see what she will produce with out boys!

Color:Brown Black Spotted Tabby

ExotikCats Lilith Azrael

This little silver Jem is a pleasure to work with, she is a sucker for love, cuddle and kisses!

Color:Black Silver Spotted Tabby

AlbertaSv Soleil

This girl is our personnal patch of Africa in our living room! She is incredible and we can’t wait to see what she will produce with Mirko.

All babies will be the color of an african sunset!


Color:Brown Black Spotted Tabby

DragonflySv The Billy Gold


Out of our bloodlines this little gold nugget has everything we can wish for. We cant wait to see what she will bring into our program.


Color:Brown Black Spotted Tabby

Canal X.O. of Dragonflysv


This beautiful little Golden lady is the sweetest you can get! She is the incarnation of a hunter and a wonderful fly eater!

Never seen such a bug eater


Color:Brown Black Spotted Tabby

Canal Ray Star of DragonflySv


This little beautiful tough face is a cuddling bug. She loves to be surrounded by hooman and near us all the time.


Color:Black Silver spotted Tabby

DragonflySv Silver Haze Medusa


Out of Captain Marvel and Saturnin she is definitely a keeper. Because she is a love bug and has all the beautiful features we are looking for in a savannah she will stay with us


Color:Black Silver spotted Tabby

Alberta Apple


As sweet as her name she is very playful and loves cuddling session. Very lady like she is still a little brat


Color:Brown Black  spotted Tabby

Canal Thom

We decided to name her Thom after tom in the cartoon tom and jerry because she is the exact same color than him! She reminds us our childhood by the way she swag proudly after enagging in  any mischief!




Color:Dilute spotted tabby

Futur cat

new comer




Color:Dilute spotted tabby

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