♕Savannah Queen

Welcome to our Savannah Queen page. All our girls have different temper, color and pattern and they were chosen not only for their beauty or standard but also for their sociable and loving personality.

DragonflySavannahF1 Sisu

Our first F1 girl out of our breeding program after a long break from 2020 ’til now 2023.

She is sweet and gentle and loving , she will produce amazing F2 babies in our breeding program.

DragonflySavannahF1 Tuktirey aka TukTuk

Our beautiful black nose golden female born here at our cattery is out of our home born girl Elysium. She is gentle and sweet and will make beautiful offsprings



Alberta Kenya of Dragonflysv

Little queen! She is our little bitch and she knows what she wants. She is very strong-minded and has a dominant temperament, but not at all nasty. She has one of the funniest personalities here at dragonfly savannah and will entertain you for hours 🙂

Color: Brown black spotted Tabby



DragonflySv Silver Haze Medusa

Out of Captain Marvel and Saturnin she is definitely a keeper. Because she is a love bug and has all the beautiful features we are looking for in a savannah she will stay with us


Color:Black Silver spotted Tabby



Alberta Apple

As sweet as her name she is very playful and loves cuddling session. Very lady like she is still a little brat

Color:Brown Black  spotted Tabby



DragonflySv Elysium

This little homebred Gem is the daughter of our beautiful Alberta Sahara and Massimo.

She is super golden, with a very long and slender body and is a very tall just like her mom. She is a very promising girl in our program.

Color Brown black spotter tabby



Dragonflysv Taranza Sterling

Little home bred brat cat, she has a a lovely personality. She is unique and very special to us since day 1.


Dragonflysv Hennessy a.k.a. Chucky

Cinnamon little girl, her color is unic and rare. She’s been kissed by fire and her personality is all about fire!



DragonflySavannah Milwaukee F6 SBT

Home bred home born she is our third generation produced here at the cattery and we are beyond proud of this little lady. Milwaukee and her sister Ape will both stay with us. They will bring beauty and color genes to our early generation program.